Teddy Ruxpin The Original Storytelling Toy NEW

20 years ago Teddy Ruxpin won the hearts of millions of children, parents, and grandparents. Today, the original animated storytelling bear is back to share his adventures, songs, and friends with a new generation of children.
Introducing Teddy Ruxpin, a true blue best friend! With every story he tells, Teddy has lots of fun places to share and lots of new friends for you to meet. Whether it's off to rescue a missing princess, to search for a hidden treasure, or to sing a dreamy lullaby, Teddy's wholesome gentle nature and sense of adventure will spark the imagination, story after story after story.
Special Package includes : 1 Teddy Ruxpin Animated Bear, plus 1 Airship program cartridge and 1 music program - with 1 illustrated book and 1 story book.
In The Airship -- Discover a Whole New World, Teddy and Grubby have arrived in Grundo in search of a treasure. They are following an old map and one half of a medallion. Running from Bounders, they are rescued by Gimmick, who shows Teddy and Grubby his amazing new Airship. They join forces and take off in the Airship to find the treasure. Tweeg, who has managed to replace the real map with a phony one, is also off in search of the treasure. Featured song: My Friend.
Teddy Instills a Love of reading and Adventure Builds Vocabulary and Comprehension Skills Teddy's
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