Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ghostbusters #1 VA Comicon GOLD VIP variant IN-HAND

Here it is, the hottest, most in-demand Turtles comic book of the last few years.
This is a Limited Gold Foil edition Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles / Ghostbusters #1 comic.
Not only is it one of the rarest production Turtles Item I am aware of (Maybe THE rarest), it is also the same for Ghostbusters.
This features a Limited edition fully painted wrap-around cover by Matt Slay on a special cardstock material.
These comics are factory fresh. Due to allocation, we will NOT be selling these at the show. They are limited to a mere 250 copies!
The only other way to get them was to be an early-bird vendor, or purchase one of 88 ltd Mega-VIP passes to the show.
These comics are in-hand and will ship once payment is received.
This item is exclusive to the VA Comicon, and will NOT be available in stores or anywhere else.
The show is in a few weeks, but I have these in hand NOW. Thanks for looking!
Okay...I have been receive a bunch of questions about this item:
1) What condition is it? Answer: The book is absolutely brand new, and will come out of the factory shipping box. They don't get any nice than this. We have 100% feedback. Buy with confidence.
2) How does BrettsComics have these before anyone else? Answer: I am the operator
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