Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universal Monsters MIKE as Invisible Man Figure

Please see my other auctions for 10 more loose Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles related action figures. I will combine multiple wins to save the winner money on postage costs.
Here is a loose, complete Universal Studios Monsters Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figure (Series 2) from 1994 featuring Michaelangelo-Mike as The Invisible Man Asst.# 5000-50 Stock # 5425 . Figure comes complete with Backer Card, trading card and his four accessories: Test Tube Nunchakus, Cool Disappearin' Chemistry Kit w/removable Beaker and two piece snap-op/off removable Bandage Mask with Goggles. Figure has tight joints and with all mass produced figures, paint applications might not be perfect in spots. NOTE: This figure features 3 very cool Clear Plastic Parts (Head, left hand and left foot) to create the "Invisible Effect" but due to the figures age and the type of plastic used, there is a SLIGHT discoloration to the clear parts giving them a very faint yellow tinge that might not show up well in the photos.
POSTAGE OPTIONS: If you want just the action figure, I can send it in a small box or padded envelope and it would be the cheapest option. If high bidder wants the BACKER CARD too, it will have to go in a larger box or larger padded envelope and could possibly add a little to the First Class postage costs. Please email me with any?
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