Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles First Graphic Novel Collection - complete set!

This is a complete set of 4 TMNT First Graphic novels, reprinting the definitive original volume 1 comic books in full color! Below is a detailed description of each:
Book 1: 5th printing, August 1989. Reprints issues #1 - 3 featuring the origin of The Turtles and Splinter and the introduction of April O'Neil, Baxter Stockman and the Mouser robots. There are also two exclusive back-up stories at the end of the book. This book has been well-read. I would grade it Good.
Book 2: 2nd printing, June 1988. Reprints issues #4 - 6, an adventure where the Turtles find out where the "ooze" came from, which sends them on a wild adventure through space. This also features appearances by the Triceratons and Fugitoid. I would grade this book Very Good.
Book 3: 3rd printing, March 1989. Reprints issues #7-9, where the Turtles meet the Utroms, Cerebus, Renet, and Savanti Romero. I would grade it Good. It has a crease across the cover, which you can see in the pics.
Book 4: 1st printing, November 1988. Reprints issues #10, 11, and the micro-series comic book Leonardo #1. This book features the return of the Shredder and the rough times it causes. The first TMNT movie from 1990 was based heavily on these issues. I would grade this book in Fine condition.
The Turtles are poised to make a comeback in a strong way with a TV show premiering
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