Tef Tee Teflon-coated tees - 3 1/4 inch, 80 total 4 packs

Four packs of 20, 80 total, 3 1/4 inch Tef Tees. Below is info on the tees. As always, free shipping

Tef Tee 3 1/4 Tees 20 Count The Tef Tee 3 1/4 Tees arethe worlds only teflon coated golf tees. Tef Tee's teflon coating (world's slipperiest substance), along with its six-prong design, which allows less tee surface touching the tee, create longer drives off the tee box. Tef Tee's rigid shaft makes the tee firmer and less bendable so it penetrates hard ground easier while the nylon/fiberglass composite shaft makes the Tef Tee almost unbreakable. Tef Tee is already being used on the Champions and the PGA Tour.