Teisco Baritone Electric Guitar 3 GoldFoil PU Japan 60s

Rare - Rare - Rare - Rare - and even Rarer than Rare !
Here's one I have not seen before:
Mid 1960's Made in Japan, most likely by Teisco.
Solid Body Baritone Electric Guitar in great, Close to Mint Original Condition,
with Three Gold Foil Pick Ups, the kind Ry Cooder and Elvis Costello cherish and play.
This guitar feature an extended 26.5" scale length that could be used for low B tuning .
Beautiful Sunburst finish on the front body, headstock and back of the neck.
Set up with D'Addario 10-46 strings. You may want to switch to a heavier gauge.
This is a wild looking and sounding guitar that holds it's own.
The name says Givtone. May be the name of the store or outfit that sold it.
Never heard of a Givtone guitar before coming across this jewel.
I never saw a baritone guitar with gold foil pick ups.
Usually the Japanese baritone guitars made by Teisco sport 2, 3 or 4 single coil pup's.
These gold foil pick ups sound great tuned to a low B or regular tuning.
I have it tuned as a regular guitar tuning. The sound is awesome!
On/Off switches for each pickup, as well as volume knob for each and one tone knob.
The tremolo unit works as it should.
The tremolo unit's cover is missing in action, however the original tremolo arm is here, a very hard to find item.
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