TEKNO The Robotic Newborn Pup


This TEKNO Newborn Pup is in Perfect condition with all original items included (only missing original packaging) and was stored as a Collector's Item.

The Institute of Robotic Technology has created a new friend for the Original Tekno Robotic Puppy. It’s a newborn pup -- and he has new tricks and talents! Thanks to his artificial intelligence program, (and a few barks, whines, and pants!) Tekno Newborn will let you know how he’s feeling and provide feedback on the care and attention you provide. Tekno Newborn knows how long it’s been since he’s been fed or how long it’s been since you’ve played with him. With his state-of-the-art sensors, Tekno Newborn can "see" and "hear" everything around him – he even has a sense of "touch". His powerful computer brain can determine if it is getting dark, if the lights in the house suddenly turn on, if someone is talking to him, if there is a loud noise (like a knock at the door), if he is holding his ball in his mouth, or if you are petting him on the head. You can teach it tricks such as speak, fetch, or howl to name a few or even advanced tricks such as Tekno Newborn's Hidden Ball Trick. You can pet it, feed it (with a special magnetic bone) or put it to sleep. Tekno Newborn even has a built in Alarm Clock!

Year Released: 2001


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