Telecaster Electric Guitar

Chase Classic Telecaster Guitar
This listing is for a genuine classic Chase Telecaster electric guitar, its age is hard to establish as it has no serial number, but it appears to have made in the days when quality was important. It has four dinks, the one on the top slightly more noticeable, two on the rear back that have been sanded and sprayed, and some very light scratching and a paint crack on the back. Please see the photographs particularly the one on the back for more detail. The electrics seem fine and it has the typical telecaster sound. The strings are through the bridge rather than through the body and the scratch plate when held up to the light shows plectrum marks. If you do not like this scratch plate inexpensive replacements are available on eBay, that said I like the classic look it gives this guitar. No artificial or false aging is required! I love it as it is, signs of age if you look for it but nothing that detracts from its appearance or appeal. The neck and the action are beautiful and the neck has the "Skunk Line" down the back. This guitar weighs nearly four kilos and is not a modern junk wood copy. This guitar at the moment needs a new set of strings, the top E string has snapped, so I will include a full new set with it, so you can use it immediately.
There are a lot of cheap guitars out there and
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