Telechron Selector Bakelite Clock Timer 8H55

You are looking at a Telechron Selector clock timer. I'm not totally sure how it works but the hours are marked in red while the metal pins around the face are for 15 minute increments. You plug an item into the back of the clock on it turns it on at the specified time.

This piece is in great condition and looks like it has been very well cared for it's entire life. There is a small sticker on the bottom from the last time it was service but does not detract from the piece at all. Even after all these years the bakelite still looks fresh and shows great color.

I have plugged it in and ran it for a while. It seems to work great and keeps really good time.

General Electric



Model No.

Date Manufactured
Circa 1945-1949

Design Style:
Art Deco

Francesco Collura

5-12" High, 5-1/2" Wide and 3" Deep