TELEFUNKEN SCHOEPS M-221 Vintage Tube Mic M221 AC701

 The Vintage-MIC Shop In Ebay-Town proudly presents: RARE Vintage TELEFUNKEN M-221 A tube microphone (built by SCHOEPS for Telefunken - identical to SCHOEPS M221A !) in AMAZING condition!
This is from the fifties !!!
Got the famous Telefunken AC-701 tube inside! GREAT sounding preamp!
With RARE M934A (variable cardioid / omni) capsule!
Absolutely GREAT sounding !!!
Microphone has minor cosmetic wear ... GREAT looking and sounding! Comes with fully functional original case! (see original pictures... click on pictures for XXL-pictures!)
Auction is for microphone (w/ case) only! No clip, no cable, no power supply!
You will need a matching power supply and cable for this beauty, of course.
BRANDNEW power supplies (and cables) can be bought even nowadays. If you're interested... ask and we could give more details.
Some historical data: The M 221 A was introduced in 1954. Taking advantage of the TELEFUNKEN AC701k valve, the M 221 A was the very first tube microphone on the market with a diameter of only 20 mm. The M 221 A was manufactured in limited quantities for just a few months. Following improvements to the design the M 221 B was introduced. The most obvious difference between the A and B versions was the way the capsule was mechanically
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