This is a wonderful old telephone that has been in my family for years. My Dad gave it to us in the late sixties and it has been hanging in our porch since then. He passed away in 1974, so it has been special to us. As we are down sizing to move into an apartment, I am forced to sell some of our prized treasures.At that time, I asked a telephone man if it could be hooked up to use. Being that we were on a party line, it couldn't be hooked up, but he said it should be able to if we had a direct line. Times have changed alot and I don't know if it would be workable with today's technology. It is made of oak and has a dove tailed oak box that is in very good condition, free of nicks and scratches.It is 6 x 7 7/8 and 5 1/2" deep. The back oak panel does have a crack. It has a celluloid dial plate with an 11 digit dial and makes the original whirring sound and antique sounding moans you expect to hear from an ancient phone.You have to lift the bakelite earpiece to dial. On the earpiece is incised: Northern Electric Co. Ltd. Pat. 1918 143. The mouthpiece is also bakelite. The celluloid dial has a 3/4" portion missing as seen in the photo. The metal front has some minor rust, adding to its character. I have never cleaned it, just oiled the oak when I got it. The front oak piece appears a different color so might have been replaced at one ... read more