Telephone Automatic Electric Monophone Jukebox style works, rings ready to use

WORKING phone Rings on incoming calls For the particular folks who want the best
Jukebox Bright and Shinny
Here is a very nice working telephone
With cord ready to plug in and use on today's lines
Solid body and receiver no problems very nice
These Jukebox styles are very popular and sometimes hard to find in good working order
It has a very nice black cords ready to plug in and use the phone
A very pleasing looking phone for any place you wish to put it.
There are no broken parts and very solid. The receiver is very good, sharp looking no problems
This phone looks so good you will love it .
Make calls to anyone's home or cell phone as they can call you.
It is easy to find phones that are worn , not working and needing help. Needing paint
it's not hard finding these phones but to find that that is working, Nice dial, Nice cords, New paint and ready to use
These classic phones are desirable to own bringing a little old 1940's class to your home.
The best part is no worrying about does it work , finding parts . It's here and ready for you
I have spent the time and money getting it ready for you to enjoy .