Pictures don't do this piece justice! The workmanship and finish on this mirror and its stand are remarkable! This is an oval mirror that would sit on a chest or in a bathroom. It is Maple, with the popular Andover finish. The Mirror tilts for use. It is held in place in its stand by two brass oval pieces on the outside. T is also brass fittings that are embedded into the mirror frame sides. I have tried to photograph it to show the front with the tilt from the bottom toward the top, the back the same way, and the side. The back shows you the Tell City label, although it did not photograph to be read. It says Pattern, 3209; Finish, #48 Andover; Tell City Chair Co. (followed by an S1 or an 81 with part of the 8 missing. My guess is S1); Tell City, Indiana. You can tell that this mirror and all of its surrounding maple is in GREAT shape (no scratches or missing silver on the mirror, either!) . Measurements: Framed Mirror, 16" tall and 12" wide and about 1 1/4" thick including the wood backing that backs the piece; Stand at the widest point is 16"; Base 14 1/2" wide, and (with attached cross-bar feet) 7 1/4" deep. The actual maple pieces are 3/4" wide for each foot and the piece across; All together, this piece stands about 20" to 20 1/4" tall from the base to the top of the mirror's maple frame. I was told this was known as a "SHAVING ... read more