NICE! ~ Tempskya Fern Specimen - Southern Utah - Very Nice

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This is one of the nicest full round of petrified Tempskya Fern that I've sold - this is truly a great specimen of tree fern found in the "Cedar Mountain Formation" of south- eastern UTAH. This unique fern grew to heights of over 18' about 130 million years ago and are from the Cretaceous period. This specimen has great character and color; lots of mahogany, and the tubular cell structure of the fern is very apparent in this full piece. This is truly a unique specimen and because of its size, makes for a great display. The face has been polished to a high lustre and has never been glued. Check out the pictures , it is truly one of the the best pieces of petrified fern I've found and am auctioning. No cracks and is solid. Thanks for looking and good luck bidding. I can promise if you are the successful bidder, you will not be disappointed.

Weight and Size = Approximately 5 Lbs 5 oz, and measures 6 1/2"x 4" x 3" Thick

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