Ten Step Two Step Cajun Accordion Sheet Music Book Volume Four

Volume Four of the 'Ten Step Two Step' series gives the Cajun accordion musical notation for ten Cajun two step arrangements comprising Chichot Two Step, Church Point Breakdown, Duson One Step, High Point Two Step, La Talle de Ronce, Lawtell Two Step, Louisiana Aces Special, Madeleine, Opelousas Two Step and Tit Mamou. The arrangements are written for a Cajun accordion tuned in the key of ‘C’ and a correlation is also given for the musical notes and accordion buttons to facilitate the creation of a tabulature. The same buttons can be used to play the two step arrangements on a Cajun accordion tuned to a different key, only the musical notes change. If you are learning to play any of these two steps and wish to expedite that process then these arrangements are big time timesavers.