Tenyo Thimbles (Japanese Version)

"Bright Beautiful Colors"

About nearly 2 years back, I've sold the very beautiful Tenyo Fluorescent Thimbles on Ebay and some lucky winners won it. And I am glad to mention that those thimbles are no longer manufactured by Tenyo and are no longer available anyw in Japan or anyw in the world. In just one year, it becomes an instant Tenyo collectible!

This is a different set of thimbles produced by Tenyo. Manufactured only for the Japanese market. These are beautiful thimbles just like the fluorescent thimbles I've sold previously but these are different colors.

T are many poor quality thimbles on the market that are sold cheaply by dealers for manipulations. On closer look, these thimbles are not pleasing to the eyes and in fact, I would just tuck them into the end of my drawer and never see the daylight again. Even if I were to offer them up on sale on Ebay, no one would want them.

Each thimble is made of different vibrant colors which is not only pleasing to the eyes of your audience, but you as a magician will find joy in performing as well. They are made of exceptional high quality plastic, as you would find in all Tenyo props. Not only that, each thimbles is made with "friction rings" on the end of each thimble, which makes thumb palming of each thimble
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