Tequila Agavia Reposado. 100% Blue Weber Agave. 700ml.

This is a New Tequila made and distributed in 2008 in Mexico. They are preparing the 2009-2010 tequila in a different style bottle. So this short lived design is one to keep and display. Get it and add it to your collection. It is a 700ml. bottle. full, and sealed, never opened.

Tequila Agavia RSV is a stylish and attractive tequila itself, which carries the essence of their origins to the sophisticated world today. It is a sensory experience that begins with its avant-garde design, until the purity of their flavor, which allows enjoy it alone or in cocktails.

Agavia RSV is a Reposado Tequila (resting 5 months in white oak barrels).

Tequila RSV Agavia Reposado is 100% Agave, and is rested in white oak barrels for a minimum of 5 months. RSV Agavia is a "Renewed Tradition" Tequila with its own style and pure flavor. Pale golden color. Aromas of eucalyptus honey, cheese rind, and vanilla custard. A soft, silky entry leads to a dryish medium body of delicate honeyed nut, yellow pepper, asparagus, and vanilla spice flavors. Finishes dryly with a nice interplay of honeycomb, olive brine, and a hint of cedar.

This is not available in the U.S. and this wont last long.

Agavia Tequila Pernod Ricard México, S. A. de C.V. - Jalisco, Mexico

Agavia Reposado Tequila received a Bronze Medal at the sixth

U. S Only !!!!!!!!!

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