Terminator 2 1:1 replica plasma rifle

Hello again fellow prop replica collector's. I have another great item that you simply cannot live without if you are a true Terminator fan!

It's still in the same condition as when I bought it. I'll be as honest as I can with you on it's description. It has a few spots w it looks like the paint didn't stick originally, but it's easy to fix if it bothers you. You can go for a total repaint, or just use a little black paint to make it look battle-worn. The main barrel is a little loose, but this too can be fixed easily. I was worried the barrels wouldn't be intact when it was shipped to me, but they were fine. I'm not sure if they would make another trip in one piece, but I'd do my best to secure the whole thing. The only other thing that could stand to be strengthend is the ammo clip. Again, this is an easy fix.
I took pictures of the rifle with a 12" figure. The rifle is about 11 & 1/2" tall at the tallest point, and about 26 & 1/2" long. Solid resin and very heavy (6 pounds). This is a vastly cheaper alternative to the Sideshow piece that was released awhile ago, and I guarantee you won't find a replica of this weapon at a better price!

I'm asking $100 .

I reserve the right to cancel this sale to anyone at anytime for any reason. I've had my chain jerked one to many times and don't tolerate
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