Terminator 2 - Sideshow Premium Format Figure - New - HUGE 1/4 Scale!!

OK, this thing is Huge! (see pics and also a video here: Terminator 2 - T-800 Premium Format )
I bought it in 2009 with the intention to display it, but when it arrived it was taller than I expected, so back in the box it went, It's only been out again to take these pics.
On the base, it is a little bit taller than 5 stacked standard Coke/Pepsi cans (see the 2nd pic!)
The clothing is made from real material, (not the boots) He has an M79 "Blooper" Grenade Launcher in his right hand (which is detachable) and is loading a Grenade into the breech with his left hand (3rd pic)
The jacket has bullet holes in it, and I think the trousers do too.
The Bandolier has Grenades in it and they can be removed, moved around.
The base is a hefty thing too, it has a hole at the back for the metal peg in his left leg to slot into (both are square so it doesn't twist on the base)
On the bottom of the base is the number of this item 1161/1500
This really does look awesome , but is too large for my cabinet. I have the Sideshow 1:1 T-800 bust that I can't display that either :(
It also comes in the Sideshow shipping container.
I've put Shipping cost as £20.00 as it is large and heavy, if it's any less I'll refund the difference, if it's any more, no extra charge and you got a good deal. I always
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