Terrain The Tower with a Clock. Building Terrain for War Games.Model Kit/277

cardboard construction set, terrain for wargames, for 25 and 28 mm
Contents: 25 details + 8 carton figures + real quartz clock Material: high-quality double-sided cardboard
Age: 6+
Size of the box: 14" x 10" x 1,5"
Size of the house assembled:
Assembling: apx 15-20 min Attention! Painted plastic and metal miniatures not included in this set!
The highest building in the ancient town or a symbol of the Middle Age remained intact among modern architecture – The Tower with a Clock terrain (stocking number 277) can suit well any playing landscape. As it is made of solid carton, its construction is distinguished with high quality of interlocking pieces and perfect steadiness. This 3D puzzle has an easy difficulty level, so it can be assembled even by children. The terrain is represented with a high building with stone walls decorated with beautiful stained-glass windows. The huge clock with relief hands and ivied entrance make this element of the playing landscape especially realistic. The tower interior is also carefully drawn.
The Tower with a Clock is a construction which will be interesting for fans of fantasy war-games such as Mage Knight or war-tactical battles. Both children and adults will be attracted by landscapes of Medieval Town series. With their help you can create a medieval ‘metropolis’
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