Terramundi Ceramic Money Pot Box Jar - C12

Terramundi Money Pots have been traditionally used in Italy for over 2000 years and their hand thrown design has remained unchanged. Ancient examples of such "Etruscan Money Amphora" can be found in The British Museum.Once the first coin is dropped it is safely saved forever, until the pot is fully fed, at which point it must be smashed to release its treasure. The wish card you dropped with the first coin may well now come true! It is customary to replace the pot and spend the money on "Good Things", they bring good fortune.

All the pots are hand made in Italy and then shipped to the UK ready to be painted and varnished in a beautiful array of designs. Each pot is sanded to leave a smooth finish to the Terracotta, and then they are washed and left to dry. Each pot is hand painted and, where several different layers of colour are used, each layer is applied and then left over night before applying the next coat. Once the final coat of paint is dry a layer of varnish is applied to give the final finishing touch! Every Terramundi is supplied with a "Fortune Coin" already inside, a "date and desire" card for you to fill in and put in the pot when you start saving, and a leaflet explaining the full history of the pot.

Money pots can often be re-used once opened. The best way to break your money pot is to get a chisel
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