2 Terrapin X Delta 10 Ball DryPlay Bearing Centering Size C ABEC5 no shield

Up for bid 2 bearings...

The new Terrapin X 10 Ball DryPlay Delta Cut YoYo Bearing

Got a few with no shields - some people may not care

The best upgrade Steel Bearing you can get

International shipping just $3.20 ATTENTION: this is not a yoyo, please read description before purchasing

Utilising the new DryPlay* treatment process enabling long high speed spin time enabling longer routines.

Size C .250x.500x.187in.

See if it doesn't blow away any other YoYo bearing even ceramics.

Delta Cut profile for proper string management during all moves. Shipped dead unresponsive No so called "break in"

Chrome steel, harder then stainless, rivals ceramic in high speed spin.

All Terrapin X bearings are precision ABEC rated

If you think a yoyo bearing does not make a difference in your play, you just haven't tried the Terrapin X yet.

Feel free to ask any questions Check out the other Terrapin X products up now.

Facebook: Fjh Terrapin Say Hi.

Recent review on YYX: /forums/index.php/topic,70402.0.html

Terrapin X Delta Cut bearings utilize a very shallow, mirror polished, dip (.03 in.) to cause the strings to seek center.

*DryPlay Lube: A new process breaks down the polymer to a liquid form, No longer just held in suspension it

This bearing will sleep a YoYo for 3 minutes plus if you just let it role off your hand. No Throw!

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