Terrapin X DryPlay Wing Cut YoYo Bearing +DryPlay Lube*

Terrapin X DryPlay Wing Cut YoYo Bearing and DryPlay Treatment

Facebook: Fjh Terrapin This is the best upgrade Bearing you can get for the bucks

ATTENTION: this is not a yoyo, please read description before purchasing

This bearing utilises the new DryPlay treatment process enabling long high speed spin time.

Size C .250x.500x.187in.

Wing Cut Profile for proper string management during all moves. Shipped dead unresponsive No so called "break in"

Chrome steel, harder then stainless, rivals ceramic in high speed spin. All Terrapin X bearings are precision ABEC rated

Recent TX DryPlay feedback: " Put it in My SPYY Pro. Plays like a dream!" "This is great. I have Onedrop 10's that aren't this smooth.. Long Spins!"

Message from buyer: Dear fjh123,
I am well please with this bearing. It spins smoother, longer and more balanced than the stock bearing/

If you think a yoyo bearing does not make a difference in your play, you just haven't tried the Terrapin X yet.

Feel free to ask any questions Check out the other Terrapin X products up now.

Terrapin X Wing Cut bearings utilize a very shallow, mirror polished, progressive dip (.003 in.) to enhance the strings natural tendency to seek center. During play the attach loop is free to give way to the string
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