TERROR TALES NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 1939 Original pulp magazine

Note on grading: Please look at the scanned images attached and note the condition carefully. I have noted below any further condition issues that would not necessarily be obvious from the scanned images. All these condition factors are taken into account when deciding on the eventual grade. My grades are more conservative than those used by DTA Collectibles or given in the Bookery Guide to the Pulp magazines. The indicative prices are based on the Bookery Guide so, theoretically, the expected price should be higher than the indicative price.

This is the November – December 1939 issue of this classic ‘weird menace’ pulp magazine. Please look carefully at scans for cover and spine condition. Pages browning and some flaking. Poor
The indicative price, as calculated from the Bookery Guide to Pulps for an issue in this condition, is about $25
IMPORTANT – POSTAGE. Purchasers who have been watching my sales over the last five weeks will know that I have been trying to group purchases into three pulps to keep postage costs down as I track all purchases over $150 and insure those over $300. This week is my last week except for possible relistings. I will therefore be posting all the purchases, including any from previous weeks after this auction has been completed. This will probably be Tuesday 3 April because of Easter. Thanks
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