Terry Redlin's Woodland Canoe & 5 Plates BEAUTIFUL

This is such a beautiful piece to display in your home and is in perfect condition. Consist of 5 plates for the Woodland Canoe by Terry Redlin. Each plate is numbered, and is a limited addition. Below is what each plate would retail for. Just a lovely piece.

Woodland Canoe Collection
11 1/2" wide x 39 1/4" High - 2000

Special Memories

Morning Solitude

Campfire Tales

Hunter's Haven

Hazy Afternoon

Terry Redlin's Woodland Canoe Collection - a five plate series, with limited quantify available, in the first Gallery Collection. Plates in the series are:

"Hazy Afternoon"

" Hunter's Haven "

"Campfire Tales"

"Morning Solitude"

"Special Memories."

The plate collection is housed in its own custom-designed wood boat display. Just beautiful!!!!