Testors Bob Hoover P-51 P51 Mustang RC control line plane Airplane 1970s Vintage

Rarely seen Testors R.A. Bob Hoover Aerobatic P51 Mustang - "Old Yeller".

Estate sale find! It was a bit dusty, so I wiped the dust off - can still be cleaned up more, but I leave that to the collector.

• 12" long

• 13.5" wingspan

Original control lines are in great shape and the elevators work just as they should.

I have not tested the engine.

See all the photos, messsge me with any questions.

This model is patterned after the famous Rockwell International airplane that Bob Hoover flew at air shows and demonstrations.

Mr. Hoover is one of the best known and talented acrobatic pilots. Col. Doolittle said that Hoover is '...the greatest stick-and-rudder man who ever lived.' The Smithsonian Air & Space Museum has named him the third greatest aviator in history.