Tevidon 25/1.4 Carl Zeiss lens C mount for movie CLA

Tevidon 25/1.4 Carl Zeiss lens C mount for movie CLA
Very well lens made by Carl Zeiss Jena for movie cameras. Surprisingly heavy for its size.
I see this lens in some mysterious bayonett mount probably designed for TV cameras. This one is in C mount (standardized internationally, dimensions: M25,4 x 0,75 or 1” x 32G/”). In this mount they are hihgly demanded.
They do not fit all C mounts cameras because by some rear part of lens does not have enough room for focusing. I am sorry I do not know which types. Description: Ser. No. 14455 . Stopping limits are 1.4-11 (but praktically you can close diaphragm completely). It focuses from 0,3 m to infinity.
Cosmetically is this lens MINT without any wear. Looks like never used.
With front cap.
Glass on lens is clean, no fungus, no scratches. Focusing and stopping is smooth. We are repairing, overhauling, cleaning and lubricating every camera, lens, binocular, microscope ... to restore its original functionality as much as possible. However we are not disassembling it completely and clean every part in ultrasonic cleaner separately if not necessary. If I am not satisfied how something works - considering item age and construction - I will write about it in description. You do not need ask me if it works, we did everything possible to repair it, and I believe
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