Texaco 1926 Mack Tanker ERTL diecast coin bank NR

The Nostalgic Collector Series, #2, by Texaco

Replica 1926 Mack Bull DogTanker locking coin bank with key

This tanker is similar to those driven by Texaco jobbers and distributors in the late 1920s and early 1930s. "It is the second in a series of antique vehicles offered by Texaco."

This is in its original box and plastic cover; both the item and the box are stampled 2645G. Item appears to be mint condition (belonged to my late husband who did not take it out of the box.) Box in very good condition; still taped shut at one end. Excellent opportunity to own this rare item.

Made in 1985 for the ERTL Company, Dyersville, Iowa. Stock #9238UO.

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