TEXACO Gas Oil Large 2-Sided Service Station Sign 18 Feet Tall ORIGINAL VINTAGE

The sign post is 18 feet tall. The Texaco sign is porcelain, double-sided and measures 6 feet in diameter.I believe the date stamp is 347 (look carefully at the last image). This porcelain sign has been painted over on one side and the paint is flaking off (see third image). The underlying porcelain sign looks to be undamaged by this layer of paint. The sign has a dent on the right hand side (see image #2). This is to be sold as-is, where-is. FOB Laramie, Wyoming. Arrangements must be made by the purchaser for pick up and delivery. I accept only PayPal.

A customer asked: I see no description of the pole's integrity. Is there any heavy scale rust that might end up as holes when sand-blasted? I have tried to show as well as possible that we do not get deep rust in Wyoming. The 5th photo shows a corner and a side piece that I scrubbed with a wire brush. I see no signs of cancer. The 6th & 7th images are taken from the end of the sign looking up inside. #6 shows rust, but I was able to rub it off by placing my hand inside the hole at the top of the picture & you can see that rust brushed off directly in picture #7. Picture #8 shows how the wire brush reveals no cancer beyond surface rust as well. We are in a state with little humidity and average rainfall of 11 inches. Deep rust is not found here that I know of.