Texaco Valor Motor Oil Oil Can "VERY OLD

We are going to be listing a rather large collection of Gas Station memorabilia including gas pump globes, oil cans, and alot of other related items. All this is very cool and old. T is quite a bit to list so keep watching.

Please let us invoice you so we get the post correct. We ADD .65 handeling charge for delivery confirmation and try and ship U.S. Postal Service Priority. Large items we will try and save by sending Parcel Post.

This is a Texaco Valor motor oil oil can that is aprox. 12" high with handel, and 8 1/2" wide, and 6" deep. This was 2 gallons when full. It was made by the Texaco inc. in the U.S.A.. The handel and the cap are in great condition! T are a few very small blems in the can, but can probably be easly fixed. You can hardly see them in the pics., but we like to tell you so t are no suprises! This can does have the usual surface rust on the top, not on the bottom. The can is in good condition for its age. These oil cans were made to be used and thrown away. To find one that is in old and nice is pretty rare. Nothing about this can would stop me from buying it if i needed it for my collection! Please look at pics. closely.