Texas Longhorn Steer Cast Aluminum Boot Jack Bootjack

ESTATE FIND is a vintage cast aluminum bootjack cast in the image of a Texas Longhorn steer. The back has "Winner Arvada Colo" molded into it. The jack measures 10 1/2" tall. The flange on the bottom is meant to be stood on while the other foot is placed into the horns. Someone has placed non-scuffing vinyl on the horns. No damage. I n a hurry - choose the buy it now option to purchase immediately for $25. Condition - used as found original as noted above. Bidder agrees to pay shipping and handling on this item of $8.95 in the contiguous 48 states. I prefer money orders or cashiers check, PayPal is accepted to your business or confirmed address. If the s/h amount above is different than what is quoted the difference is insurance. Please visit my OTHER auctions for the unusual and hard to find. Since many of the items I put up for auction are vintage, or antique pieces, they will have the normal wear and imperfections common to older items. Tfore, they are always sold "as is." Of course, any observed damage will be mentioned in the item description. Please remember that you're the expert when it comes to your favorite collectible. T are probably things that I didn't know to include in the item description that could be helpful to you in making an accurate appraisal, so if you have any questions about the item, please e-mail me. All ... read more