This is a used hardback book with dust jacket in GOOD SOLID CONDITION--from a smoke-free environment.

THE TEXAS PANHANDLE FRONTIER - by Frederick W. Rathjen. Signed and inscribed by the author on the title page: To Miller Morris, who shares my concern for the history of the Texas Panhandle, with best wishes. Frederick W. Rathjen December 17, 1979.

The Texas Panhandle--its eastern edge descending sharply from the plains into the canyons of Palo Duro, Tule, Quitaque, Casa Blanca, and Yellow House--is as rich in history as it is in natural beauty. Long considered a crossroads of ancient civilizations, the twenty-six northernmost Texas counties lie on the southern reaches of the Great Plains, where numerous dry creek beds and the Canadian River have carved the region appropriately named the High Plains. Through these plains and their canyons, ancient peoples trailed game for the hunt. The Panhandle provided choice grazing lands for bison, and as the region became more familiar to ancient tribes, semipermanent camps marked the landscape. Yet when Coronado's conquistadores crossed the High Plains in search of fabled wealth and found sun-baked adobe instead of gold, they declared the region a wasteland. Likewise, the Republic of Texas found little use for their vast plains land--considering settlement of the frontier far too
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