Thai 1960's bronze and teak/rosewood flatware set

I have a beautiful 32 piece set of Thai bronze flatware that was brought to America in the 1960's when my husband returned from the Vietnam War. The handles are made of a dark, rich wood, probably teak or rosewood. These pieces have never been used and are in the original red-velvet lined wooden box with the original brouchure from the factory w they were made ( Sri Sang Thai Ltd., Part.).
The set contains 8 of each: dinner forks, spoons and knives. It also has a meat carving knife and fork, and a larger fork and spoon for serving. A bottle opener, a sugar spoon, and 2 small shrimp forks complete the set.
These are not full sized flatware pieces. The fork is about 6" long, the knife 7-1/2", and the spoon 5". The wooden box measures 12-3/4" square by 2-3/4 inches high and has a nice plastic handle.
I have not attempted to clean the set, but the cleaning instructions are on the brochure, and all that is needed is silver polish and warm water.
Thank you so much for looking.