THAI AMULET Phra Pidta Luang Phor Cron Wat BangSae in Southern of Thailand.

THAI AMULET Phra Pidta Luang Phor Cron Wat BangSae in Southern of Thailand
PHRA PIDTA LP CRON is the only famous monk in making Amulet and Talisman who lived outside Thailand. He went into priesthood in Wat BangSae in Kelantan of Malaysia. His fame expanded all over southern of Thailand. LP Cron was one of Thailand most famous Monk in making Phra Pidta ( Closed Eyes Monk Amulet).
Thai Master Monk Luang Por Cron of Kalantan Malaysia Wat BangSae Temple in Southern of Thailand
Luang Por Crons most famous amulet is the Pid Ta Nuea Pong (powder) Kluk Rak (covered in red lacquer). Luang Por began to make the Pra Pid Ta Kluk rak amulets as of 2480 BE. The making method was that of molding each amulet by hand. It is very very rare to find an authentic example of this amulet and can consider than 90 percent of all you will encounter are fake. The first edition was made in 2500 BE and the second edition wa smade in 2505 BE. This is (arguably) the most expensive amulet of South Thailand in the Niyom Category of Pra Krueang (amulets).
The Pid Ta amulet is famous for Metta Mahaniyom power. Luang Por Cron was Abbot of Wat Bang Sae in Kalantan, Malaysia. He made many Pid Ta amulets which were so very preferred (‘Niyom’).
It is said in Thai Amulet circles that, in the same way thet we prefer the Pra Somdej Wat Rakang
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