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Fair Trade hand crafted goods
Our handmade items are considered Fair Trade, we deal with family and village based groups that produce these items, this ensures that the wealth generated by the labour involved goes directly to the individuals who create them. Northern Thailand does not suffer from the factories and sweatshops that are widespread in Bangkok and other Asian centres, Thai Bands is proud to be a part of this cottage based industry and to support the artisans who create these beautiful pieces.
Mala Beads are a Buddhist tool of meditation. They are moved in rhythm with the breath and mantra of the meditation. The action of moving the beads keeps sleep and distraction at bay and incorporates more of the whole body in the meditation. Each time the mantra is repeated, the fingers move to the next bead. The mala is meant to focus the mind and promote clear thought about the meaning of the mantra as it is chanted. Schools of thought, from India ,Thailand , to Tibet, to China recommend different ways of holding and counting Mala beads, but these are mostly local idiosyncrasies. However each meditation should encompass the full cycle of beads. Longer meditations should include additional full cycles, starting at the summit and circling around
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