Thailand Siam era " SILVER " money

Thailand Siam era "SILVER " money

Thailand Siam era silver "money

For your consideration, extremely rare old silver money . Originating during the kingdom of "SIAM" era prior to Thailand as we know it, which the giver dated back beyond 1000 years. . Cast with silver, in a primitive manner the value of exchange was based on weight and content. Such pieces are held as extremely rare in the condition of this piece as shown it is not broken as most are by hundreds of years of circulation and use of such forms of money. Elegant aged patina in rare condition.


Referred to for centuries as the wonder of the orient, Siam is often seen as Asias magical Kingdom. French travelers in the 16 century referrance that Ayuthaya the capital of Siam at the time was among the most elegant beautiful locations in the world, rivaling Paris and other culturally rich settings. Described as a land of pristine temples, enchanting traditions amid tropical surroundings and gentle hearted people. An eastern paridise with Kings and queens and gilded palaces and exotic traditions. Changing from Siam to Thailand "land of the free" in 1949 ruled by constituional monarcky, yet still every bit as much of a paridise it what a 1000 years ago. Unconquered never colonized it remains the jewel of Asia w more than sixty million people
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