Thanksgiving Black Texas Ammonite 13 in. Fossil

Thanks for visting my auctions. Offered this week from the days of the Dinosaurs is this super rare set of Oxytropidoceras' . Imagine the eye opener yer fossil hunting bud will experience when they are givin this 13 in. wonderful and exotic B LACK Ammonite Eopachydiscus for Thanksgiving or Christmas ! Goodness! Super display Ammonite. Washed once ! This is the same as a Super fossil hunt ! Why wander around looking when, IT IS ! Recovered from Tar Rant county tEXAS. Needs a secure home. Normal 100 million year old chips , dings and scars. I hope my first bid request is fair Yup ! Lot cheaper to send than a 50 lb. example I assure you. Please let this Ammonite be a new addition to your collection for years to come. Normal scars and dings from a hundred million years of aging. Cheers! Sorry combination shipping internationally isn't acceptable since that means more weight and the postal people set the fees not I, which means I can't save you money..Winner please inc.USA shipping and handling $ 10.00. ships internationally for $35.00. All others please inquire for shipping.