Thanksgiving Turkey Vintage Pottery Planter? Old McCoy?

Take a look at all the Beautiful turkeys I am offering this week..these are from an elderly friend's china cabinet..she used these as spooners on the Christmas and Thanksgiving table. You are bidding on the dark chocolate colored one..I don't know if these are McCoy? ..some one help me on that one??? But, my friend has lots of McCoy ...most of her things are marked..these are not...yet, she insists that they are!!! I don't want to get in trouble with Ebay so I am just saying..maybe they are maybe they are not! The turkey is glazed all over except on the bottom..he is very clean inside with only a small amount of crazing..he has never been used for anything except a spooner..NO DIRT has ever been inside this turkey...he has ALWAYS been in a china cabinet..very very chips..he has a few tiny dots of white and t but they are under the glaze..not a flaws. I put a few spoons inside the Turkey so you can get an idea of how he looks..mine are not silverware and I must say..I've seen her holiday table set and these look better with nice silver teaspoons displayed in them..You can use this for a real planter or just about anything you want..the turkey is around 5X5"s..large enough to serve from if you wanted! I am listing all the turkeys and salt + pepper set this week and would be glad to combine an order for you from my smoke free ... read more