Thanskgiving in Prose & Verse Robert Schauffler Holiday

Thanksgiving by Robert Haven Schauffler

Our American Holidays Series

Grade : Reading Level 5-8; but a very nice read-aloud for younger children and great stories for older children. The book is also filled with some good poetry for use in memorization for all ages

Summary : Every autumn in school and home recurs the need for a collection of literature on Thanksgiving, an anthology comprehensive enough to include all the best that has been written about this intensely, and now uniquely, American holiday.

This book brings to children of all ages all the best poems, essays, plays and stories of Thanksgiving. And its scope is yet wider. Originally published in 1907,this book gives a rapid view of the holiday's origin, its derivation from ancient festivals; its development, its spirit, and its significance. Divided into five parts, Origin, Celebration, The Spirit of Thanksgiving, The Thanksgiving Season, and Exercises (small plays for children to present),

It is a snapshot of how our American Ancestors at the end of the nineteenth-century viewed this important holiday, it's origins, and its American relevance. Authors include: Jane G. Austin, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and Ralph Waldo Emerson, to name just a few.

Book Details : 265 pages

Condition : hardcover,
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