THE 15 VIEWS OF KYOTO woodblock prints, Tom. Tokuriki

Lovely vintage Japanese Woodblock Print Collection in Portfolio
BY Tomikichiro Tokuriki
Engraved and Printed by Uchida Woodblock Printers
Takaura, Takeyachi St.,
Kyoto, Japan
1. The Plum Trees of Kitano Shrine
2. The Daigo Five-Storied Pagoda
3. The Maple Trees Takao in Fall
4. The Snowy Scene of the Nijo Castle
5. The Hirosawa Oibd ub The Spring Evening
6. The Large Torii of Heian Shrine
7. The Toji Pagoda
8. Yabu-no-uchi, a Tea Ceremony Founder, House
9. The Yaska Shrine in Spring
10. A Rany Scene of The Arashiyama Park
11. The Full Moon Viewed at The Temple Kiyomizu
12. A Snowy Scene of The Golden Pavilion
13. The Irises of Umenomiya Shrine
14. The Fire-flies and The Uji River
15. A Rainy Scene of The First Torii of Atago Shrine in Fall
Condition is very good - 3 of the print covers have wrinkles
Matted size 14 7/8" x 13 5/16" (37.7cm x 34cm)
un-matted approx 11" x 10"
Will be out of town when listing ends and not able to ship until April 26