The Advocate & Family Guardian, 34 Issues 1880-1890

This is one of several auctions consisting of old paper from an estate in eastern Connecticut. These papers had been grouped, tied with string and stored in boxes in the estate for many, many years.Almost all the larger papers have been stored folded, some have stains, some have been gnawed at the edges and t by an errant mouse or two, but for 125 to 150 year old newsprint they are still in good readable condition. So if you're looking for old paper for news content, advertisements, or both, be sure to check out our other auctions.

This paper " The Advocate and Family Guardian " was a semi-monthly periodical, an organ of the American Female Guardian Society of New York City . The Society was " Home for the Friendless and Home Industrial Schools ". " The profits of this paper, together with all funds given as donations will be faithfully expended in labors to guard the exposed and friendless, and for the promotion of virtue and suppression of vice ". The Advocate and Family Guardian measures 9-1/4" by 11-1/2 The 34issues included are for:

- Dec 16, 1880

- Jan 15, Feb 15, Apr 1, May 16, Jun 16, Jul 1, Aug 1 and 16, Sep 1 and 16, Oct 1, Nov 1 and 16, and Dec 16, 1881

- Feb 15, Mar 1, Apr 1, May 1and 16, Jun 1 and 16, Jul 1 and 15, Aug 16, Sep 1 and 16, Oct 2 and 16, nov 16, and Dec 1, 1882

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