The Amazing Spider-Man #529 - New Costume Debuts

This is an auction for The Amazing Spider-Man #529, a significant book in the Road to Civil War.

Featuring the introduction yet another new costume for Spider-Man, this book has consistently been featured in Wizard's top ten books since it was published.

This is a no-reserve auction with an opening bid of $3.00.

This book grades a conservative VF/NM.

I will guarantee the following:

1 -- Unlike other, less-reputable auctioneers, I will not promise you a specific CGC grade on my books for auction. I am not a certified grader, nor am I a profiteer. I am merely a collector of 25+ years. I can promise you that you are getting great comics at a fair price and all my auctions are conservatively, fairly and accurately described. If I indicate the book is NM, it most certainly is, but I will not guarantee you a specific CGC grade on un-graded books like less-reputable auctioneers who try to pass off a 9.2 book as a 9.8. I want no part of email arguments regarding grading. I really apologize for taking this line, but if you are willing to trust a stranger just to make a few bucks, please look at other auctions for books that are already graded. This is a straight up auction for quality comics that belong in your collection. You can check my feedback for an assurance of my honesty and the quality
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