All together now: "We all live in a yellow floaty pen, yellow floaty pen, yellow floaty pen..." Yes, it's a Beatles Yellow Submarine floaty pen, with a fine reproduction of the Fab Four pictured from their hit animated film on both sides of the floaty, and the Yellow Submarine itself (an excellent likeness as well), floating happily past fish and George, John, Paul, and Ringo.

NOTE: This pen was made circa 1990s, around the time of the 30th anniversary of the release of the hit film.

Pen (yellow, of course) made in Denmark. It is in excellent, unused condition. Buyer pays $2.00 shipping in bubble envelope (international higher). I'm selling off the last of my large floaty collection, so check out my other floaties, and thanks for looking!

And all together now: "In the laaaand, w I was boooorn, lived a maaan, who sailed the seeeeas......"