The Big All American Comic Book, 1944, COMPLETE 128 Pg

The Big All-American Comic Book

* * * All American Comics, 1944 , 128 Pages * * *

Up for auction is the Big All-American Comic Book. This book was published in 1944 and sold for 25 cents. This book contains 128 interior pages (132 including the cover). I have personally paged through this entire numbered book and it is 100% complete.

This comic has been in storage for the past "approximate" 60 years. T has not been any repair work done to this book.

The only significant flaw within this book is splitting at the spine. The top spine splitting measures approximately 2.5 inches on the front cover page and is very minimal by page 21. The bottom spine splitting measures approximately 2 inches at the front cover and is only apparent for a few pages.

Beyond the spine splitting, the cover is in very good condition. T are a couple very minimal tears at under 1/4 inch each.

The interior pages exhibit beautiful color and are in incredible condition! T is not any handwriting or significant ripping/tearing.

Included in this vintage comic are:

* Wonder Woman

* Scribbly

* The Atom

* The Blue Boys

* Johnny Thunder

* Hop Harrigan

* The Whip

* Pint Size Pete

* Green Lantern

* Ghost Patrol

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