The Bill DeMar Show Video VENTRILOQUIST Ventriloquism

The Bill DeMar Show Video
Running time: 86 minutes

The full length stage show of American master ventriloquist and legend Bill DeMar.

Also includes never before seen bonus footage!

And, for a very limited time, each video will be personally autographed by Bill himself!

A true collector's item. (The video, not Bill)

For over 50 years, professional ventriloquist and entertainer Bill DeMar has been making people laugh. He has traveled the world with his cast of characters and is not only one of the most successful ventriloquists ever, but is also an icon and mentor to nearly everyone in the ventriloquism fraternity.

Using several unique and hilarious puppets including Luke the Reluctant Lion, Feldon the Unspeakable Frog, Happy Hoby, Grendle the Troll, and of course, his lifelong partner Chuck Norwood, Bill instantly makes you believe that his creations are really alive. His amazing technical ability, uncanny manipulation of his puppets, fabulous sense of humor and comedy timing has kept Bill busy for five decades.

In addition, Bill is also the author of one of the best instructional books on learning ventriloquism, "Ventriloquism For Dummies...and Related Subjects."

Now, in this full-length show video, you can see Bill perform his live stage program and witness
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