THE CLIPPER BEAN PICKER " Primitive Farm Implement

This amazingly well preserved invention was once used for hand sorting beans and peas. I found this artifact at an estate sale in an old farm house in central New York state, w the owner had it displayed as a decorative piece since the 1970's.

This is in excellent condition with original stencil painted labels that read " THE CLIPPER " on the front and back of the hopper and " BEAN PICKER " on each side of the conveyer platform. " Pat 1902 " is stenciled on the front. This foot pedal operated machine still works as it was intended to, with all of the original parts.

The domestic shipping cost listed is approximate. $47.61 is the cost to NY. $82.86 for CA. For a more accurate cost, I will need your zip code. Insurance is included in the shipping cost. Because of the size and weight, t will be no combined shipping with this item. Please leave feedback so that I will know that you have received your purchase and are satisfied. I will be happy to leave possitive feedback in return. For shipping safety this item has been packed in three boxes. The hopper was held on by two screws and the flywheel was attached with one bolt. These were removed and packed separately.

I am open to customer pick up if the winning bidder is interested.