THE COMPLETE BABYLON 5 - Season 5 with Collectors Box

LOOK - if You don't want to watch the cropped DVD-Editon ...

maybe You will be surprised how fine this VHS-edition of Babylon 5 is! Only this VHS-edition shows B5 as is was originally intended to be watched: not widescreen but 4:3. Tfore scenes with special effects are shown 100% (instead of the DVD-transfer which shows special-effect-scenes cropped badly on the top and bottom of the picture most of the time to fit the widescreen-look of the other scenes ...).

This is the european (UK, english) PAL-edition, so check, if your video-system is compatible.

Complete Season in exclusive collectors box.

Mint condition, tapes watched only once, box and tapes look like new Please check also my other auctions at eBay, I'm selling all five Seasons of Babylon 5.