The DISNEY Classic Fairytales in Postage Stamps - NIP!!

The DISNEY Classic Fairytales in Postage Stamps - NIP!!!

Cinderella - Sleeping Beauty - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - Alice in Wonderland - Pinocchio - Peter Pan

Six Disney Fairytale Classics have been captured in these sheets of 9 postage stamps - one sheet for each classic mentioned The stamps are all marked Grenada 30 cents and t is the Disney logo at the top of each sheet sporting a 50th Anniversary banner.

All packages are in mint condition - with 5 of them factory sealed/unopened. (It appears the side seam of the Pinocchio sheet was opened... though it appears that it was never removed from the package).

These are the perfect addition to your Disney Classics collection!

Please note that all sales are final. Items ship when payment has been received. Thank you for your consideration!