The Final Answer" Bill in Lemon Magic Scott Alexander

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Trick has been used only once! Includes two DVD's in great condition!

Without question, Scott Alexander has created the finest solution for the classic Signed Bill In Lemon ever devised. It's got it's very easy to do, totally practical, fools everybody and the audience goes wild!

It's the classic effect...a borrowed, signed bank note is vanished or destroyed and appears inside of a lemon but Scott's solution is brilliant.

"The Final Answer" is designed for professional use. It meets and exceeds all of the test conditions.

Yes...the signed bill really does end up inside of a real lemon!

Yes...the lemon can be in the audience before the bill is borrowed and signed!

Yes...the audience can choose any lemon from a bowl of lemons!

Yes...the lemon can be sealed inside of a zip lock bag and never touched by the performer!

Yes...the spectator can actually cut the lemon open!

First, let's talk about the gaff. It's been honed to perfection through countless hours of fine-tuning by Scott, Thomas Wayne and Bob Kohler. Although it appears to be a common object, nothing could be further from the truth. In reality it's a

This diabolical gaff will give you the power to load a signed bill into a lemon, orange or other fruit option completely undetected inches from the spectator's eyes. It's as fast as a rattlesnake bite and just as deadly.

We pulled out all of the stops when designing the training DVD's. They are comprehensive...big time. Over three hours of the most in-depth lessons ever created to cover the real work of just one effect. The DVD's are better than personal instruction. Why...because the DVD's are packed with tons of information. The cameras zoom in to give you the ultimate peek behind the curtain. Also included on the two training DVD's are detailed explanations of everything you will ever need to know. Nothing is left out. It's like spending a intense day with Scott learning his masterpiece. The good news though is unlike a private lesson, you can watch the real work again and again.

T are three live performances. Three different routines...close-up, parlor and stage. All are easy to do. The stage show was shot on location at the Fitzgerald's Casino in Las Vegas before a live, paying audience. The close-up and parlor versions are completely different routines. Both shows were captured before live audiences at the Bob Kohler Studios.

All three shows come right from Scott's working repertoire. These are not pipe dreams. Each routine is packed with action, full professional presentations and the big payoff...applause, lots of applause.

In fact, the method is so practical/deceptive that you're always ready no matter what the conditions. You could even do it table-hopping. "The Final Answer" is both angle proof and extremely quick to set-up.

The presentations have been audience tested for years! Guest contributors Steve Spill, Doc Eason, Dr. Steve Bedwell, Al Garber and Bob Kohler have given Scott permission to include the best professional framework and gags that make "The Final Answer" play like no other routine. Most performers will be forced to make it their's that strong! Nothing can follow it!.

Many performers already perform a version of the Bill In Lemon. "The Final Answer" method is easily implemented into virtually any existing routine. It's a major upgrade! And I guarantee you'll instantly add many of the jokes into your existing routine.

"The Final Answer" will certainly set the benchmark for totally impossible, hilarious magic!

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