The Forbes Porfolio by Bob Kohler-The Porshe of Wallets

Forbes Porfolio by Bob Kohler The Porsche of Wallets - Almost Instant Re-Set LePaul!
Well, I'm back to the Buy It Now option, so keep watching because several very nice things are coming on very soon. And, thanks to all of you who have taken advantage of it on recent offerings.
If you follow my ads you know that I think t are only three LePaul Wallets to ever consider. They are the Lee Noble model, the so-called Jennings Card In Wallet from Busby-Corin and this one, the Forbes Portfolio from Bob Kohler. Unfortunately, ALL THREE of these wallets are now very difficult to find, since they are all out of production. The Forbes was considered the Porsche of Card In Envelope wallets and is the choice of many pros. Unfortunately, the supply was so limited that not many had the chance to own one.
I do the Card In Envelope, but only on very special occasions. The envelope does add a powerful shot of impact to the trick, but I do reserve it for only special shows. That is probably because of the set-up required. Even though I still prefer the slit method, as opposed to the self-sealing type envelope gimmicks, it still involves a little time and being out of the view of your audience. If, however, you do table-to-table work or walkaround in formal settings or even street magic and you
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